IDML Import is the only XTension for QuarkXPress that allows you to import multiple IDML files created with Adobe InDesign into QuarkXPress. In just seconds, IDML Import will build all document pages and spreads, import colors, master pages, style sheets and layers, create all text boxes, picture boxes, vector shapes, tables, frames and groups, format text stories, and import all graphics. All IDML files are supported, including those created with Adobe InDesign CC 2017, CC 2015, CS6, and older.
Import multiple IDML files into QuarkXPress.
IDML Import 2017 for QuarkXPress
New Version 2017 (2.0) for QuarkXPress 2017 Also available for QuarkXPress 2016 and 2015*
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Version 2017 (2.0.0) for QuarkXPress 2017 requires macOS 10.10 or later
*Not all features available for QuarkXPress 2015 or 2016.
Batch Processing. Import several IDML files at once using the new file list. IDML Import will create a new QuarkXPress document or layout for each file.
Auto Save Documents. Automatically save each new QuarkXPress document to the same folder as the IDML file, or any folder that you choose.
Retain Style Sheets. Recreate and apply to text all character and paragraph style sheets, retaining the look and feel of the original InDesign document.
Import Master Pages. IDML Import can also recreate and apply all master pages, as well as build separate layers as those inside the original IDML file.
Import Vector Shapes. Import vector shapes and vector lines contained in the IDML file. These shapes will then be fully editable in QuarkXPress.
Search Pictures. Search, and automatically link, missing pictures contained in the IDML file. Even custom folders and subfolders can be scanned.